Exhibitions 2011 PDF Print

1 St. Petersburg Technical Fair St. Petersburg, Lenexpo, March 15-17, 2010


Contest “Best Innovative Project and the Best Development Project of the Year”


First degree diploma and gold medal for the development “ Carbonyl Materials (Chemical Vapor Deposition of Powders of Different Particle Size, Compact Products and Metal Powders)”.

Exhibitions 2010 PDF Print

1. 11th International Forum «High Technologies of the XXI century» Moscow, Central Exhibition Centre «EXPOCENTRE», April 19-22, 2010.


Diploma for participation in the exhibition «HT XXI-2010» and for the achievements in the area of high technologies.


2. St. Petersburg Technical Fair St. Petersburg, Lenexpo, March 2010


Diploma for active participation in the 16th International exhibition-congress Hi-Tech;


First degree diploma and gold medal for the development «Lightweight Refractory Ceramer Coated Fibrous Ceramic Composites (combined ceramic composites).


3. Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments Moscow, Gostinyi Dvor, September 7-10, 2010


Diploma of a participant.


4. “Dual-purpose products and technologies. Diversification of Defense Industry” Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center, November 23-26, 2010


Diploma “Winner of the Best Engineering Solution for Dual-Purpose Technologies” for the development “Combined Systems for Lightweight Fire-, Heat- , Electrical, Sound, Radiation Protection of Objects, Products, Communication Lines (Combined Protection Systems), Designed for Multifunctional Protection of Civil and Military Facilities”. Diploma of a participant.

Exhibitions 2009 PDF Print

An exhibition “Double-Purpose Products and Technologies. Military-Industrial Complex Diversification”

November 10-13 2009, All-Russia Exhibition Center.

A Diploma with a Medal for Surface Metallization Process Consisting in Metal Carbonyls Chemical Vapor Decomposition.

A Diploma for lightweight combined ceramic composites for energy saving and life-support systems.

15th International Exhibition Khimiya-2009

September 28 – October 2, 2009, Moscow Exhibition center.

Diploma awarded by Russian Union of Chemists and Exhibition center

IX World Salon of innovations and Investments. August 26-29, 2009
Gold medal for “Valumoks”. Rospatent Diploma for “Fireproof Coatings Designed for
Fibrous Lightweights” and “Valumoks”GNIIChTEOS took part in Archimedes-2009 exhibition (March 31 – April 2, Sokolniki)/ Golden medal has been awarded for the development of “Combined Ceramic Composites for Heat Protection and life support Systems at temperatures up to 1800 0C”

Exhibitions 2008 PDF Print

In 2008 SSC RF GNIIChTEOS participated in the following exhibitions:

9th International specialized exhibition “Double-Purpose Products and Technologies”. diversification of defense industry ». 21.10 -24.10. Moscow, Russian Exhibition Center. 3 Diplomas, 1 medal (CVD).

“High Technologies, Innovations, Investments” St. Petersburg, September 22-25 2008.
Awards: Diploma for active participation; Ist degree Diploma and golden medal for “Heat Insulating Glutinous Modular Unit”; IInd degree Diploma and silver medal for “Development of New Silicone Biocompatible Materials Used in Microsurgery as Tamponade Compositions.”

Innovations, Investments. International Fair, Moscow, Russian Exhibition Center, March 3-6 (Golden medal and Diploma for filling adhesive at 1800°С). 

High technologies, St. Petersburg March 11-14 (silver medal and Diploma for Alumox)

Archimedes, Moscow, Sokolniki, April 1-4 (Golden medal and Diploma for за heat-resistant silicone elastomer foam. 

High technologies,– April 22-25, Moscow (Diploma for the achievements in high technologies).

Anticor and Galvanoservice, May 13-16, Moscow, Russian Exhibition Center (2 Diplomas and 5 medals for («Composite Material for Light Weight Refractory Protective Coatings»).

Exhibitions 2007 PDF Print

In 2007 SSC RF GNIIChTEOS participated in the following international exhibitions:
Innovations, Investments. International Fair, Moscow, Russian Exhibition Center, February 5-8, Golden medal and Diploma for nanozirconium carbosilane; Diploma of Chamber of Commerce and Industry for active participation in innovation activity.

Intellectual Property Fair «Archimedes -2007» Moscow, Sokol’niki, May 27-30 – Diploma for active participation in the Fair; Rospatent Diploma for alumox.

Economical Forum St. Petersburg, Lenexpo, June 8-10) – Participant Diploma.

Russian National exhibition, Slovakia, Bratislava, June 21-25 – Participant Diploma.

Khimiya – 2007 Moscow, Ekspotsentr, September 3-5 – Participant Diploma.

“Double-Purpose Products and Technologies”. Moscow, Russian Exhibition Center, October 2-5 – Diploma and golden medal for the process of dimethylsiloxane rubber production from dimethyldichlorosilane hydrolysate.

Rosbiotekh – 2007 (Moscow, Russian Exhibition Center, November 21-25) – Diploma and golden medal for cosmetics.

Nanotechnologies - 2007 (Moscow, December 5-7) – Participant Diploma..