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Grant Competitions     

SSC RF GNIIChTEOS has become a winner of the contest for the competence to conclude Government Research Contract within the framework of Federal Target Program “scientific and scientific - educational brainpower of innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, Lot “ research and Development of Polydiorganosiloxane Elastomers with Nano-Size Fillers – MQ Organosilicon Resins with Controlled Package of Physicochemical and Physical Mechanical Properties”.

In 2008 SSC RF GNIIChTEOS won the competition between the major scientific schools on the right to be funded by the Government for the research conducted by the major scientific schools of the Russian Federation.
    Corresponding member of RAS P.A. Storozhenko, General Director of SSC RF GNIIChTEOS is the head of Scientific School НШ-5147.2008.3. Subject: «Development of Scientific Basis and New Generation Composites Including Nanostructural Ones Based on Organoelement Compounds of Boron, Aluminum, Silicon».
In 2005-2006 GNIIChTEOS won the completion on the right to make government contracts with Federal Agency for Science and Innovations to work within the framework of Federal targeted scientific and technological program “Research and Development in Science and Engineering Priorities” for 2002-2006 by the following projects :
 - Process development and setup for production of nanopowders and materials on their bases including ceramics.
 - Development of high-performance process for polyboranes – polyhedrous anion salts В10Н102-  and В12Н122-  and study of the materials on their bases.
- Manufacturing science development of nano-size multi-purpose stabilizers and property modifiers for polymeric coatings of elastomeric compositions, polymeric liquids and lubricating compositions with high operating temperatures.
Prediscovery selection of synthetic method, operating conditions investigation of methylchlorosilane – based varnish major production stages.