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SSC RF “GNIIChTEOS is one of the leading institutions in the area of chemistry and technology of organoelement compounds.
“GNIIChTEOS” cooperates with more than 20 Research Centers and Research Institutions in various innovation- technological programs (SSC “VIAM, работают более 20 ГНЦ И НИИ (ГНЦ «ВИАМ», A.A. Bochvar’s VNIINM Federal Center for Double Technologies “Soyuz”, RSC “Applied Chemistry”, Research Institute of Polymers and others), nine ministries and agencies (RF Ministry of Defense, Federal Agency on Atomic Power, Ministry of Health and social development of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency on Power Engineering ,  Federal Space Agency etc), Institutes of Russian Academy of Science (A.N. Nesmeyanov’s INEOS of RAS, A.S. Enikolopov’s ISPM of RAS, G.K. Boreskov’s IK of RAS|(Siberia), IMET RAS, NIOKh of RAS (Siberia), Institute of Chemical- Energetic technology Problems of RAS (Siberia), Institute of Chemistry of Solids of RAS (Siberia) etc.), as well as 3 universities (M.V.Lomonosov State University, M.V.Lomonosov MITKhT, D.I.Mendeleev RkhTU)

GNIIChTEOS cooperates with research institutions of Ukrainian and Byelorussian Academies of Sciences.

 The Institute has wide international scientific and scientific-economic connections in the area of organoelement chemistry and technology with leading foreign companies, namely in the USA: Dow Сorning Corp.,Crompton, Isonics, ATK Launch Systems, Research Triangle Institute, in Europe: Rath AG, Katchem Ltd., in China: Meilan, Xinan, Hongda, Shanghai Center for Silicone Materils, Tsylin, Tsyen and others.  

The experts of GNIIChTEOS are members of the International Union on Group IV Chemistry, which facilitates more active cooperation with foreign scientists.

The Institute continues scientific cooperation with two research teams of European Council – European association on photonics and Европейской ассоциацией по фотонике и European Union of biomaterials.

GNIIChTEOS is National associate member of International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

The Institute experts are members of International Union of Main Group Metals Chemistry.

GNIIChTEOS participates in State Research Centers Association, joining 58 research institutions and in integrated structure научных организаций и интегрированной структуре nonprofit partnership « Chemical-Engineering Scientific Centre », joining 19 chemical organizations.