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Pilot and Manufacturing Capabilities.

Total area of manufacturing complex amounts to above 10,000 m2. There is a large number of tanks, vessels and reactors (including 200 items made of Simax glass), as well as various mass-transfer apparatuses (pulsed and vibration extractors, rectification columns, distillation equipment, gas lifts, crystallizers etc) and auxiliary equipment.

GNIIChTEOS experts constructed multi-purpose modules allowing to conduct hydrolysis, co-hydrolysis, ammonolysis, etherification etc. These processes are related with additional stages: neutralization, extraction, crystallization, rectification and regeneration of solvents arranged in the form of multi-purpose assemblies.

For new product manufacturing minimum updating of the available flow-sheet. Therefore we warrant our products cost reduction and shortening of manufacturing period.

We have much experience in small-scale organosilicon and other organoelement material production. Production technologies for above 400 compounds were developed including high-pure ones for electronics and space engineering as well as substances for drugs and cosmetics. A wide range of paintwork materials is manufactured.

The following chemicals are being produced at pilot and experimental plant of GNIIChTEOS.