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Organosilicon Products

Elasil 137-481 (TU 2252-057-00209013-2008) single-component silicone adhesive sealant of room temperature vulcanization distinguished by enhanced funginertness. The product is designed for bonding, sealing and tightening of metals and nonmetals in industrial and residential products, used in high humidity environment. 
Methylsilane.- (TU 2437-043-00209013-2005) Solids contents 99 wt% min. 
Product CM-2, TU 6-02-966-79. It is used as an anti-structuring additive (stabilizer) for preparing siloxane rubber and highly active filler-based mixtures.

Hexavinyldisiloxane (ТУ 6-02-1379-88) SiEL compound component 
FM-1 Fluid, (TU 6-02-758-73), provides for limiting residual pressure of 1.33•10-8 Pa in heated high-vacuum system.
Product 119-95 (TU 6-02-575-75) – used as a binder at fiber-glass plastics manufacturing.

Product ADS-5 (TU 6-02-7-187-89) -  used as a binder at fiber-glass plastics manufacturing.

Product К2 (TU 6-00-05808008-291-95) – used in electronic components production and as a binder and modifier in composite production.

Product К3 (TU 6-00-05808008-291-95) - used in electronic components production and as a binder and modifier in composite production.

Adhesive 151-31 (TU 6-02-7-187-89) – thermosetting adhesive is used for silastic bonding with metal surface.

Polymethylphenylsiloxane fluid 133-236 (TU 6-02-1-424-83) – is used as working fluid for navigation and angular-rate sensors in night vision instruments.

Polymethylphenylsiloxane fluid 133-211 (TU 6-02-1-417-85) - is used as working fluid for navigation and angular-rate sensors in night vision instruments.

Fluid 135-186, high-temperature dielectric (TU 6-02-1256-83) – is used for ultrasonic heat transfer indication in closed space.

Fluid ХС-2-1(TU 6-02-804-79) – is used as a base for lubricating instrument oil, hydraulic fluids

Fluid 162-170 ВВ (TU 6-02-824-78) – is used as a base for instrument oil and greases.

Fluid 132-234 (TU 6-02-1-041-92) – is used as a base for instrument low-temperature greases.

Fluid 132-234 BB (TU 2229-016-00209013-00) - is used as a base for instrument low-temperature greases
Fluid 132-244 (TU 6-02-1-019-90) – is used for refrigerator compressors.

Fluid PMS-20р(к) (TU 6-05-11687721-022-97) – is used for hydraulic systems of gas main valves.

Fluid PMS (TU-2229-002-72072369-2005) - is used for hydraulic systems of gas main valves.

Coupling paste 131 - 435 (TU 2257-001-72-72369-2004).  sealing and tightening of oil and gas outfit

Elasil Adhesive sealants of 137-83, 137-352А, 137-352В, 137-352В-1, 137-444 grades – are intended for bonding, sealing and insulation of metallic and non-metallic materials: 

Elasil 137-83 (TU 6-021237-83) – for silastic;

Elasil 137-352 (TU 6-02-1-037-91) – for polycarbonate, glass, ceramics etc. in industry and household;

Elasil 137-352 В (TU 6-02-1-037-91) и 137-352В-1 – for glass, ceramics etc. in industry and household;

Special-purpose adhesive sealants – are used for bonding, sealing and insulation of metallic and non-metallic materials: 

Elasil 137-180 (ТU 6-02-1214-81) – for optical contact provision;

Elasil 137-182 (ТU 6-02-1-015-81) – for efficient heat removal from heat loaded components of electronic and electrical facilities;

Elasil 137-370 (ТU 6-02-1-718-91) – with good flame resistance -  for high explosive and fire risk assemblies;

Elasil 137-175М (ТU 6-02-1319-85) with extended range of operating temperatures from -90°С to +250°С (up to 300°С for a short time) -  for heat-protective (thermally insulating) materials in aerospace engineering;

Elasil 137-181 (ТU 6-02-1-362-86) construction sealant with high elasticity and low modulus – for joint sealing and insulation in concrete walls, in roofs, sanitaryware, hothouses.

Resins of 174-71, 174-72, 174-73, 174-74 grades (ТU 6-02-1003-75) are used in aircraft and space materials:

174-71 – as a water repellent and strengthening agent for various lime materials.

174-72 – as a microencapsulants for various powders;

174-73 – as silicone resin hardener and stabilizer;  

174-74 – as a binder for enamel and varnish coatings.

MСН-7-80 high-temperature adhesive (ТU 6-02-991-75) – is used in radio engineering, electronics, restoration as epoxy and organosilicon polymer hardeners as well as water-proof protective overlayer for silicate glass strengthening.  

МФСН-А (TU 6-02-1-343-86). – is used in electrical engineering, aircraft, restoration: as polyamid resin hardening agent, as reinforcing agent for restoration; 

Water-repellent agents 141-50, 141-50р (ТU 6-02-983-75). – are used in radio engineering, electronics for textile finishing, as fire-resistant coatings, fire-resistant modifiers – as an additive to raise varnish and compounds heat resistance.

Electro insulating varnishes КО-945, КО-943(GOST 16508-70). – are used in electrical engineering.

Compounds К-67Ф, К-67-РК (ТU 6-02-844-78) – impregnating, dielectric solvent free heat stability class “Н”. Operating temperature - 180-200˚С, for a short time - 350˚С. Impregnating compositions based on silicone resin distinguished by radiation-resistance, low viscosity, thermal elasticity at high temperature (200˚С) for the impregnation of multipurpose induction coils, condensers, electric coils greasing and compounding. Hardens in a closed space. There is no shrinkage after curing.

Silicone gasket ПС-1 (TU 2252-003-11512695-99). Is used for detachable joint tightening. Silicone paste-type adhesive-sealant cures on air. Good adhesion to metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, glass, concrete. Reliably seals and tightens all flanges kinds, screw joints, various detachable parts, tightens detachable joints.

Fluid ГКЖ-11У, TU 6-05-11687721-009-94. Watersoluble water-repellent agent used for space and surface hydrophobization of construction materials. Consumption rate is 20-50 g/ square meter.

Fluid 136-163, (TU 6-02-697-76) Water-repellent agent-dielectric.

Synthetic Rubber СКТН - heat-resistant low-molecular rubber of "A,B,C,D" - grades, (GOST 13835-73). It is used for the production of monolithic caulking and encapsulating compounds, sealants, foamed sealants, impregnating compositions, materials and coatings with high dielectric performance and serviceable within the temperature range from -60 to 250oC.

SKTN-F rubbers (A and B grades), TU 38.103129-77. Cure at room temperature. They are intended to the production of monolithic caulking, encapsulating and sponge compounds with high dielectric properties and serviceable within a temperature range of -70oC to 250oC under high humidity conditions (relative humidity 99% at 40oC).

Heat conducting paste 131-179, TU 6-02-1-342-86. It is intended to heat removal from heating elements in electronics, radio engineering and instrument making. Operating temperature range is from -60 to 180oC. Heat conduction index is 1.8 W/m·deg. It is distinguished by non-toxicity and explosion resistance.

Defoaming agent 139-282, (TU 6-02-1-529-86). It is used as a defoaming agent in aqueous media.

Catalyst 119-54, TU 6-02-1281-84. It is used as cross-linking agents of polyorganosiloxanes rubbers.

Emulsion КЭ-10-01, 70% (TU 6-02-587-75)., release agent for molds in tire industry, rubber and plastic production.

Emulsion КЭ-10-12, (50%) (TU 6-02-817-79). 50%, defoaming, is used in light industry when dyeing knitted goods and synthetic fibre.

Emulsion КЭ-10-16, (50% ) TU 6-02-810-73., is used for rubber stopper siliconization in medical industry.

Emulsion КЭ-10-19, (20% ) (ТU 6-02-1078-76) Antifoaming agent in ethylene oxide production.

Emulsion КЭ-10-26, (12%) TU 6-02-1178-79, defoaming agent in styrene plastic manufacturing.

Emulsion КЭ-10-34, (17%) TU 6-02-1323-85, defoaming agent, is used in aqueous - alkaline medium

Emulsion КЭ-30-04, (50%) TU 6-02-816-78., is used for textile finishing in order to impart hydrophobic and wear-preventive properties, shrinkage reducing, as well as for water-repellency treatment of structural materials, leather , paper and furs. 

Emulsion КЭ-60-50, TU 6-05-11687721-001-92. 70%, is used as release agent in foundry production and thermoplastics manufacturing.

Aquastop K" organosilicon water-repellent agent, TU 229-003-11421207-00. It is intended to water-repellency imparting to construction materials and articles as well as for drill mud modifying. 

Heat conducting organosilicon paste (former КПТ-8) (GOST 19783-74). 

Resin К-9 А (TU 6-02-1-032-91). It is used for glass-fiber laminates, molded impregnated wood, radio engineering items.

Mold release agent К-21 (TU 6-02-909-79). It is used for metal mold surface treatment at polymeric materials molding. 

PMS-К fluid -1,5р (TU 6-02-820-79). Heat transfer agent in temperature control system within temperature range from -100°С up +100°С.

Silicone resin 182-82 (TU 6-02-1-024-90). It is used for the production of glass-fiber laminates and thermal-insulating and sound-proof materials.

Resin 136-320 (solution) (TU 6-02-1-634-84). A binder for light-resistant coatings.

Resin К-101 (TU 6-02-625-76). It is used for fiber-glass plastic manufacturing.

Product 111-269 (TU 1342-86). Silicone based resin curing agent.

Fluid 161-44 (TU 6-02-910-74). Lubricant and oil base.

Varnish КО-116 (TU 6-02-1316-85). A binder for light-resistant coatings 

Varnish КО-926 (GOST 16508-70). Varnish for electrical insulation of electrical machinery and devices.
SIEL compound 159-322, (TU 6-02-1-624-89). It is used for the protection and sealing of electronic electrical engineering devices 
SIEL 159-356 compound, (TU 6-05-1-710-90). 
Oligomer 137-248 (TU 6-02-1295-84). For heat-resistant materials and development of coatings on the basis of organosilicon polymer formulation 

Fluid 162-170 ВВ (TU 6-02-824-78). dispersive medium for non-fluid oil and oils.