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Silicone SIEL Compounds

Unique silicone composites polymerized by the polyaddition mechanism or under UV irradiation and intended for medicine, electronics, electrical and radio engineering, fiber optics and optoelectronics, aviation and other branches of industry.

The compounds are low-molecular organosilicon oligomer based compositions with various additives. We produce SIEL compounds as one or two component compositions which vulcanize in both open and closed spaces at any layer thickness without by-product formation. Compound vulcanization temperature range is very wide - from ambient and even subzero temperatures to 250OC.

SRC RF GNIIChTEOS currently produces more than 50 brands of similar products under SIEL trade mark For their manufacturing special production technology of high-pure silicones providing actually complete absence (10-4-10-6 %) of ionogenic impurities of Na, K, Ca, Cl etc., transition metals (Fe, Ni, Co etc.), as well as radioactive compounds U, Th etc. in the end product has been developed and mastered in pilot-commercial scale.

The products obtained by means of this technology are distinguished by optical and chemical purity, biological inertness and non-toxicity.

A variety of products - from gel-like to vitreous ones with adjusted temperature, curing time, physical-chemical, electrical, physical and other properties within wide temperature range can be obtained in conformity with Customer's requirements by means of directed varying of initial component ratios and types: oligoorganosiloxanes of various composition and structure, catalysts, inhibitors, fillers, plasticizers and other ingredients.

For most efficient use of our materials SRC RF GNIIChTEOS offers comprehensive advice and a diversity of collaboration kinds. Our experts are able to give not only specific advice in regard of material and application technology choice but to develop commercially the selected material at Customer’s plant.

Possible kinds of cooperation:
- supply of various SiEL compounds;
- counseling for materials use and rendering services for their implementation;
- joint development of new formulations in conformity with special assessments;
- sale of licences on particular SiEL compounds manufacturing on the Customer’s production facility;
- sale of a licence on production technology of high-pure SiEL silicones.

“SiEL UV” (silicone composites cured under UV irradiation) – are used as coatings for optoelectronics and fiberoptics.
“SiEL T” compounds (high-heat-resistant materials based on polyphenylsesquioxane-polydiorganosiloxane block copolymers) – are used as coatings in airspace, shipbuilding and other branches of industry designed for operating temperature from -90 до +450˚C.
“SiEL P” silicone foam, elastomer foam based on silicone rubbers distinguished by low density, providing passive protection against fire and fire safety in shipbuilding and aircraft engineering.
Products improving silicone SiEL composites properties:
Silane 6 primer – a product increasing compounds adhesion to materials of electronics and other branches of engineering.
Decomposer №1 – a product allowing SiEL based coating removal if required from the substrates.
P-1, V-2, V-6 catalysts – products promoting temperature control and compounds vulcanization period.
MVK-1,  MVK-3, MFVK-1, MFVK-3, FT-10 grade oligovinylsiloxanes and other oligomers used as high-speed vulcanization elements.
G-5, G-5F, G-5FT oligohydridesiloxanes and other oligomers used as crosslinking agents in high-speed vulcanization compositions.

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